June 28, 2018

July is almost here and I am back from a wonderful week at the beach with my daughter-in-law and the twins, who are 9, the perfect age for swimming and gift shopping! I left a lot of projects in the studio to finish so it was easy to get back in the swing of things! ( If you were wondering were my son was, he is not a beach person so he went to Boulder, Co. to trout fish with his brother!)

I will post pictures of new pottery on the other pages of my website. My chickens are smaller, with a new design that I love. They hang and have clay beads below that will swing in the wind! You can hang them inside or on a porch or outdoors. 

My big pieces will be in Wilmington, NC at Bryant Gallery, on Front Street. Allie Bryant has a new, bigger store with a beautiful selection of artists and I'm proud  to be in her shop. 

Don't forget to go to Four Oaks,NC on Main Street. You will love Standfields General Store. He has opened the shop next-door and Scott is an avid collector of "stuff" ( I heard he has 6 huge trailers full of stuff!) that is fun to look through. You can get a drink and a moon pie while you shop!!

Happy July 4th everyone! And as they say here in Johnston County " Have a Blessed Day"