October 8, 2018

It has been a wet and wild few months. We survived a hurricane and adopted another animal, Stormie, our indoor kitten that has made a fun addition to the farm. So far he has made fast friends with Daisy and loves Grandmoms’ lap!

My big news is that I received the NC Professional Grant for Artists of 1500$. This money helped to by a bigger kiln which I am making large platters, and plates to go with my dishes and hopefully my woven bowl design which I love to make.

I also added a new shop, Morgans on Main in Benson, NC. I think my pottery fits well in her shop so stop in to see my display. I have put my large pumpkin cookie jars in Wake Forest and a few in Oak City Collection in Smithfield, plus my ghosts. I made tiny ghosts this year on strings that are very cute.

Sadly my shop in New Bern closed. New Bern was hit very hard by Hurricane Florence and all our prayers are needed for them as they clean up this horrible mess Mother Nature left them.

If you see anything you like on my facebook or Instagram let me know. Large pieces are expensive to ship but I will do what I can to see about getting you something you like.

My email it rogersmarsha18@gmail.com

I will be in New Bern, Boston and Colorado in November so I’m working hard to get all my Xmas stuff made and out to my shops by the end of October. Happy Fall Everyone!